Data and Analytics

Development of “To-Be” Business Processes for NAV Canada Aeronautical Information Management


Facilitated the development of and configured 11 To-Be workflows for processing aeronautical data, including the related forms. Documented the workflows in a design document for acceptance by AIM and integration into the production environment. Developed a workflow statistical model to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks in the new processes and for change management purposes Worked [...]

Analytical Services and Project Management for Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport Authority


From 2018 to 2020, Bronson provided a wide-range of services to support Tableau, the Ottawa Airport Authority’s chosen tool for data analytics and visualization. Bronson provided a number of Tableau-related services in parallel including: Tableau dashboard development; Tableau maintenance and technical support; and Data strategy development. Bronson’s work with the Ottawa Airport Authority was [...]

Digital Readiness Assessment for Canadian Heritage


Digital Readiness Framework based on Government policies, specifically the Government of Canada Digital Standards. Representation across department and diverse job levels for consultation and survey. Report describes as-is state and identifies area for improvement. Next step is a detailed roadmap to improve and progress digital maturity. "Bronson assisted the Department of [...]

Data Analytics and Advisory Services for Natural Resources Canada’s Audit & Evaluation Branch


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Bronson’s training sessions were delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams. Each of these training sessions had an audience of 8-12 participants, and were designed to be interactive and encourage hands-on learning by participants. "Bronson was keen to work with NRCan's Audit & Evaluation Branch to modernize their data [...]

Analysis of Sales Data for Farm Boy


Farm Boy is high end chain of grocery stores focused on locally-sourced fresh produce and food products. Headquartered in Ottawa, Farm Boy currently has 40 locations throughout Ontario. "Bronson was hired by Farm Boy to analyze their sales data to improve promotions and product pricing." - Phil Cormier, CA, CPA, Senior [...]

Revising Business Processes for the Public Health Agency of Canada


Developed an Intervention Framework to aid decision-making for $27 million annual investment in primary prevention interventions to change behaviour that will positively impact health. Documented 10 As-Is and To-Be business processes using Business Process Model Notation. Projects funded under this initiative focus on innovative, integrated approaches to promote healthy living, prevent chronic disease and [...]

Data Analytics Support to the Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program


Bronson provided support to CIRNA’s ICBCMP by analysing data management tools, guiding work planning and developing program management guidance. As a new program, the support and tools provided to the ICBCMP allowed them to plan their work and effectively provide funding to Indigenous communities for long-term, community-based climate monitoring projects. “ [...]