Project Description


  • ESDC undertook an enterprise-wide imaging solution and hired the Bronson team to assume responsibility for the receipt, handling and digitization of incoming ESDC applications as well as the secure transmission of digitized files back to ESDC and the destruction of paper records as specified.
  • Original intention was to undertake an extended pilot project with the Pensions Business Line in order to ‘ramp up’ the project and streamline processes and then to have remaining Business Lines onboard to the imaging solution in subsequent months.
  • It was anticipated the imaging solution implemented by Bronson would involve the processing of approximately 34 million pages per year once all Business Lines were onboarded.

“Bronson engaged in extensive communication with the Project Authority and other key stakeholders to confirm responsibilities and the project plan and to resolve obstacles.”

Project Description

Bronson was hired to support an enterprise-wide imaging project at ESDC. Specifically, Bronson was tasked with providing mailroom and imaging services including: receiving and convert paper and other hard copy records to electronic images; handling all paper records; generating and capturing identified metadata and index data; storing and destroying paper documents; returning documents; and providing images and data that integrates into a departmental digital repository for future retrieval and use.


It was the intention of this large-scale project that the mailroom imaging project would take place in a staggered approach; starting first with an 18 month pilot with the Pensions Business Line and then moving on to the process of onboarding additional Business Lines who are interesting in using the imaging services for their own program activity.

Business Challenge

ESDC was interested in introducing an end-to-end enterprise-wide imaging solution that involved partnering with the Bronson team to provide imaging and digitization of paper containing personal information collected as part of program administration. It was the intention of ESDC to on-board all departmental Business Lines to this solution following an extended pilot project with the Pensions Business Line. It was anticipated that the pilot project would enable the early identification of any delivery issues or challenges so that the onboarding of additional Business Lines could be streamlined.

Our Solution and Outcome

During the extended pilot project with the Pensions Business Line, Bronson carried out the following tasks:

  • Engaged in extensive and ongoing communication with the Project Authority and other designated key stakeholders for purposes of confirming roles and responsibilities, confirming project plan, identifying and resolving obstacles; and establishing a project schedule;
  • Demonstrated controls are in place to ensure ESDC documents and data are properly protected including obtaining appropriate security review and approval of facilities, processes and IT equipment by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) and planning for on on-site presence of ESDC personnel at the imaging location;
  • Developed documented processes (described in text and visually) including process maps and supporting instructions related to a variety of sub-processes to the imaging solution including: processes for mailroom, imaging, indexing, QA, storage and destruction;
  • Developed a Business Continuity Plan that described how the Bronson team would resume operations, the length of time to do so and the communication protocol between Bronson and ESDC;
  • Developed an Issues and Services Management Process that would be used to receive, log and track service requests from ESDC and assign appropriate severity and priority levels with escalation procedures;
  • Developed a process for managing incidents involving breaches of privacy and security;
  • Developed a Threat and Risk Assessment; and
  • Developed a Change Management procedure to acknowledge and document requested changes by the client to the original work described in the contract.


All of Bronson’s deliverables were vigorously reviewed by the client and in many cases discussed and analyzed through workshops that were facilitated by the Bronson team.