Our clients have mandates. We help them develop comprehensive strategic plans to achieve their goals. We can facilitate direction setting, research and analyze the issues, outline the options and define resource requirements. Bronson will bring together project management, communications, human resource and finance professionals to help you do what you set out to do.
Our team translates strategic direction into policies. Bronson’s experience with policy-making allows us to create guidelines, review implementation, assess governance and portfolio management issues, and work effectively within and on the policies used to manage and administer.
The devil is in the details. Many great ideas fail to meet expectations because their implementation was not well planned and managed. Bronson’s team thrives on thinking through the details. Bronson provides specialist expertise in the area of project and program management with deep experience running multi-disciplinary teams for both small and large projects. We understand the leap of faith required to hand over service delivery for a key project or program. So our team has created the systems and processes required to exceed the expectations of our clients and establish an environment of mutual respect and trust. We manage our contracts precisely and we ensure no surprises – so you can rest assured that timelines are met, budgets are in line and goals are achieved.
The pace of change is accelerating, driven by technology, world events and resource constraints, to name a few. We understand how to help you make changes to your direction, communicate change to your staff, gain support from your stakeholders and thrive in a complex world. When change is afoot, Bronson can help you make the transition a smooth one.
Stepping back and taking stock of your actions is really useful, but sometimes you’re simply too close to things for meaningful self-examination. Bronson’s multi-disciplinary team can bring the discipline, methodologies, experience and sector expertise to evaluate your policies and programs with a fresh eye. We have the tools and skills for program impact assessments, audits and benchmarking. We can also assist in providing quality assurance and quality control frameworks and putting them in place so that when you do evaluate your work, the results are positive.