Project Description


  • WEX Incorporated is a global company offering financial technology solutions related to payment systems across a variety of industries including fleet, corporate payments and benefits.
  • WEX hired Bronson to develop Klipfolio visualizations of a variety of key performance indicators to measure impact and effectiveness of marketing efforts related to the travel, aviation, media and insurance/warranty verticals.
  • Klipfolio dashboards and klips were developed accessing multiple data sources including Salesforce, Pardot, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Bronson identified a number of shortcomings in the quality and quantity of WEX data sources including challenges accessing the essential data fields. This resulted in WEX officials identifying procedures and processes necessary to enhance the quality of its data sources in order to facilitate the process of reporting on key marketing metrics.

“Bronson accessed each relevant data source to assess the quality and completeness of data, the data structure, and how to access and extract the data.”

Project Description

WEX Incorporated is a global company offering financial technology solutions related to payment systems across a variety of industries including fleet, corporate payments and benefits. WEX was interested in having performance dashboards developed, using Klipfolio, to provide ‘data visualizations’ for a large number of top priority Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including: Prospect to Opportunity Conversion Rate; Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate; Opportunity to Win Conversion Rate; and Open Rate, Click Through Rates and Content Downloads. The data used to develop the Klipfolio dashboards originated from the following sources: Salesforce; Pardot; Google Analytics and social media sources (LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube). There was an urgency to developing Klipfolio dashboards as WEX was interested in monitoring the effectiveness and impact of their marketing efforts. Bronson worked closely with WEX officials to understand each KPI and its method of calculation. We also spent considerable time familiarizing ourselves with the various data sources to assess the quality, quantity and structure of the data and the method of extracting key data fields to support the priority KPIs. Bronson engaged in extensive and ongoing consultations and communication with WEX resources as part of the process of producing each KPI, developing a visualization of each KPI in the context of a klip or a dashboard and then incorporating client feedback. Bronson also provided project management services to ensure the project remained on budget, within scope and in line with the project schedule and to manage the complicated process of client review, approval and sign-off. In the course of this project, Bronson identified shortcomings in WEX’s data collection and data management processes that had a direct impact on the quality and quantity of data required to develop KPI visualizations. The result was WEX undertook to develop new procedures and processes to enhance the integrity and quality of essential performance data.

Business Challenge

WEX North American Corporate Payments Group (WEX) was interested in monitoring and measuring marketing efforts and related outcomes through the use of Klipfolio software. Specifically, WEX desired ‘data visualizations’ for the top priority KPI in the form of dashboards based on data related to the travel, media, aviation and insurance/warranty verticals. WEX was also interested in eventually assuming responsibility for maintaining and updating dashboards and looked to Bronson to support building that in-house capacity.

Our Solution and Outcome

Bronson carried out this work over a seven month period in the context of two phases of work. The first was to focus on the largest company vertical, the travel vertical. The second phase of work focussed on three additional verticals: media, aviation and insurance/warranty. This work was conducted in a highly interactive and iterative manner with extensive consultation with WEX stakeholders and other WEX service providers. Bronson first devoted time to reviewing and understanding each high priority KPI including its formula, input and relevant data sources. Bronson also accessed each relevant data source to assess the quality and completeness of data, the current data structure and the options for accessing/extracting the data. We developed draft visualizations for each KPI for review by the WEX Project Authority to confirm the KPI was reporting information accurately and to to ensure the visualization was sufficiently informative and compelling.  Following collection of client feedback we finalized the visualizations and moved to the design phases within Klipfolio. All klips and dashboards were tested to confirm that the visualizations represented each KPI appropriately. We also worked closely with WEX stakeholders to provide both verbal and written direction and guidance on how to update and modify Klipfolio designs in the future. A key element of this project was the provision of project management support that included: regular program updates; formal and informal communication with project authorities; early identification and documentation of issues/obstacles including submitting change requests; project status monitoring in terms of scope, schedule and budget; and invoicing. This engagement resulted in the following outcomes:

  1. Completed, validated and corporate approved campaign-level dashboards for all four verticals;
  2. Completed, validated and corporate approved Google Analytics dashboards for all four verticals;
  3. Completed, validated and corporate approved Social Media dashboards for travel vertical; and
  4. Developed data refresh procedures for dashboards that depend on Pardot data and Twitter to ensure klips remain current.