Project Description


  • Expansion of Broadband Internet coverage is a high priority for CRTC, who has established a Broadband Fund providing $750 Million over 5 years to upgrade broadband internet access in remote regions of Canada. As a result, broadband infrastructure and coverage is undergoing rapid change. This further exacerbated the underlying requirement for timely reporting on coverage networks.
  • CRTC’s geospatial data validation process was accelerated dramatically through this project. Due to processing backlogs, CRTC’s data release for 2020 was produced 8 months late. After leveraging Alteryx to automate their data transformation and validation processes, the same data release for 2021 was produced 2 months early.
  • Bronson’s solution included a wide variety of Alteryx tools, including use of Analytic Apps, Macros, Geospatial Tools, and Calgary data file types to expedite processing times for large and complex data files.