Project Description


  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Bronson’s training sessions were delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams.
  • Each of these training sessions had an audience of 8-12 participants, and were designed to be interactive and encourage hands-on learning by participants.

“Bronson was keen to work with NRCan’s Audit & Evaluation Branch to modernize their data analytics abilities. Due to COVID-19, Bronson delivered training sessions virtually to promote hands-on learning for those involved.”

– Phil Cormier, CA, CPA, Senior Consultant, Bronson Consulting Group

Project Description

Bronson was engaged by NRCan’s Audit & Evaluation Branch to provide data analytics advisory services.

Business Challenge

The Audit & Evaluation Branch identified a requirement to modernize their data analytics processes and capabilities. The growing volume of data is surpassing the capacity of their current processes, and consequently there is untapped business intelligence which is not being fully leveraged.

More specifically, the client identified potential opportunities to adopt Tableau and Alteryx into their operations and requested related services, including in-house training and development of proof-of-concept workflows and dashboards to demonstrate potential applications for these tools.

Our Solution and Outcome

Bronson delivered an information session highlighting some of the available functionality and applications for Tableau and Alteryx, followed by a series of training sessions to introduce selected participants to key concepts and capabilities for both programs.

Following these training sessions, a series of potential use cases were identified by NRCan where Alteryx and/or Tableau could be applied to address existing requirements and challenges. Development of the proof-of concept workflows and dashboards remains in progress at this time.