Automation of Geospatial Data Processing and Quality Assurance Review for the CRTC


Expansion of Broadband Internet coverage is a high priority for CRTC, who has established a Broadband Fund providing $750 Million over 5 years to upgrade broadband internet access in remote regions of Canada. As a result, broadband infrastructure and coverage is undergoing rapid change. This further exacerbated the underlying requirement for timely reporting on [...]

Data Analytics and Advisory Services for Natural Resources Canada’s Audit & Evaluation Branch


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Bronson’s training sessions were delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams. Each of these training sessions had an audience of 8-12 participants, and were designed to be interactive and encourage hands-on learning by participants. "Bronson was keen to work with NRCan's Audit & Evaluation Branch to modernize their data [...]

Retained by IESO for Compliance Audits


At its outset, the IESO CFF Programs were to have been delivered over a five-year period from 2015 through 2020. These programs were expected to generate 6.9 TWh of energy savings, with a total budget of $1.9 Billion. The audit scope included review LDC wind-down activity for 9 separate CFF Programs which targeted a [...]