Program Management for NRCAN’s ENERGY STAR for Products Program


ENERGY STAR Canada is a voluntary partnership between the Government of Canada and industry to make high efficiency products readily available and visible to Canadians. Key objective of project was to engage with Program staff, to establish consensus on an organizational structure for the ENERGY STAR for Products Program and to arrive at recommendations informed [...]

Imaging Project Support for Employment and Social Development Canada


ESDC undertook an enterprise-wide imaging solution and hired the Bronson team to assume responsibility for the receipt, handling and digitization of incoming ESDC applications as well as the secure transmission of digitized files back to ESDC and the destruction of paper records as specified. Original intention was to undertake an extended pilot project with [...]

Consultations and Project Management for WEX


WEX Incorporated is a global company offering financial technology solutions related to payment systems across a variety of industries including fleet, corporate payments and benefits. WEX hired Bronson to develop Klipfolio visualizations of a variety of key performance indicators to measure impact and effectiveness of marketing efforts related to the travel, aviation, media and [...]

Program Management Support to CIRNA’s Northern Contaminated Sites Program


For over 10 years, Bronson has been providing operational program management support to NCSP related to policy and procedural development, performance management, and project risk assessment. Bronson’s support has helped NCSP effectively manage the challenges associated with the remediation of Canada’s most remote and northern con