Development of “To-Be” Business Processes for NAV Canada Aeronautical Information Management


Facilitated the development of and configured 11 To-Be workflows for processing aeronautical data, including the related forms. Documented the workflows in a design document for acceptance by AIM and integration into the production environment. Developed a workflow statistical model to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks in the new processes and for change management purposes Worked [...]

Financial Security Data Review for the Bank of Canada


The Bank of Canada uses securities-related data from various external sources to monitor financial markets and perform associated research. To make this data usable, staff must spend vast amounts of time manually “cleaning”—organizing and preparing—the information they receive. The goal of this challenge was to discover innovative ways to clean data and to surpass [...]

NAV Canada Aeronautical Information Management


Identified five overarching As-Is processes documented in 13 BPMN compliant process maps with over 400 activities. Created a simulation model for resource levelling and to quantify expected improvements. Led to a larger project to implement process and technology changes within AIM. "Bronson successfully collaborated with the AIM project team to set [...]