Our team of consultants includes project management specialists, business strategists, chartered accountants, professional engineers, energy specialists, software developers, research scientists, public administrators, communications planners, and writers.

Martin McGarry
Martin McGarryPresident

Martin is President of Bronson Consulting and has over 20 years of project management and consulting experience within many of the largest and most complex organizations in the world, across a broad range of sectors. A true agent for change, Martin excels at bringing multi-disciplinary teams together in a knowledgeable, collaborative and candid manner.

Stephen Fleming
Stephen Fleming613.787.2000 Ext. 5
Stephen is a policy specialist with a science and technology background who has provided management consulting services to municipal, provincial and federal governments since 2000. Formerly a Systems Engineer specializing in air navigation, Stephen uses his technical acumen and business skills to help clients develop sound investment plans, re-structure operations and streamline management processes.
Stacey MacDonald
Stacey MacDonald613.787.2000 Ext. 2
Stacey is a policy specialist whose extensive project management skills have been honed over nearly two decades of consulting experience with numerous federal government clients. Her strategic insights and commanding knowledge of transportation management and public sector renewal initiatives, combined with her strong communication skills and commitment to client satisfaction make Stacey a key resource for the Bronson team.
Phil Cormier
Phil Cormier613.787.2000 Ext. 4
Phil has been a project manager on the Bronson consulting team for nearly two decades. A Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in auditing, financial controlling and strategic management, he has leveraged his financial expertise and leadership on countless projects for clients in government and the private sector and has provided tactical business advice across many industries.
Monique Punt
Monique Punt613.852.4643
Monique is an experienced project manager and professional engineer who specializes in the technological, policy and legislative aspects of environmental consulting. She has managed a large number of multi-faceted projects and programs for a diverse range of clients.
Dave Tomsic
Dave Tomsic613.761.2378
With his engineering background and many years of experience working in the public and private sectors, Dave possesses critical technical and management skills that have seen him successfully deliver projects in fields as diverse as software, construction, and environmental consulting.
Nadine Martel
Nadine Martel613.787.2000 Ext. 6
Nadine is an experienced and fluently bilingual management consultant who has worked with Bronson for nearly 15 years, contributing her considerable technical and analytical skills to the completion of many successful projects. Her broad knowledge and expertise in the areas of sustainability and energy efficiency have been instrumental in helping clients achieve key environmental goals.
Michael LaRochelle
Michael LaRochelle613.791.4512
Michael’s engineering and IT background, combined with his first-class problem-solving skills, have contributed to the success of the many consulting projects he has undertaken since joining the Bronson team. An expert in environmental, transportation and software development issues, Michael excels at communicating with stakeholders and achieving positive solutions for all parties. He is fully bilingual in English and French.
Steve Crighton
Steve Crighton613.540.0805
Steve is recognized for his expertise in energy efficiency programs, analysis, equipment review, and policy. He has notably provided on-going support to Canada’s ENERGY STAR initiative since 2003, helping to promote and evaluate this program through targeted workshops and projects. Informed by a background in environmental research and planning, Steve provides excellent research and analysis and exemplary report writing abilities in all deliverables to clients.
Craig Hawkes
Craig Hawkes613.787.2000 Ext. 3
Craig is an experienced project manager with a solid understanding of business and technology. A success-oriented, strategic thinker with strong organizational and leadership skills, Craig excels at finding innovative solutions to complex technical or operational challenges. His work is rooted in solid analytics, deep experience, and clear, compelling communications with clients.


These days, many public and private sector professionals look to outside consultants to offer a specific expertise, tackle a new initiative or simply provide extra resources for an overtaxed staff. Bronson’s engaging and helpful team can provide the support you need, offering a unique combination of strong strategy and delivery skills with practical public and private sector experience.

Bronson’s mission is to deliver highly effective project and program management, comprehensive research, thorough analysis and innovative solutions to our clients’ environmental, social, economic and technological needs and challenges. Our focus is helping our clients achieve more with less – using fewer resources, less effort, time and money – all while advancing social and economic well-being.
  • We are committed to becoming your trusted and flexible partner.
    • Our goal is to ensure that, no matter the project, you get the results you need. A successful outcome is as important for us as it is for you.
  • We are self-motivated and extremely responsive to our clients’ needs and timelines.
  • We never sacrifice honesty and integrity and believe these are essential to success in our work.
  • We provide a flexible and self-fulfilling work environment.
    • Consultants have complete control in determining where, what, when, and how they work.
    • Flat hierarchy = empowerment.
    • Our work is important, but equally important is the flexibility to attain work-life balance.
  • We strive to be responsible citizens of our communities.
  • We donate 1-3% of profits to charity. Our support covers a variety of local, regional, national and international charities.
  • We support our local community, including the Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict and ImagineGlebe. We also participated and supported the Ottawa Youth Sleep Out.
  • We support University students, by sponsoring the Sprott[1] vs Telfer[2] Case Competition and we provide expertise in lectures offered to students at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business.
[1] Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business
[2] University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management