Development of “To-Be” Business Processes for NAV Canada Aeronautical Information Management


Facilitated the development of and configured 11 To-Be workflows for processing aeronautical data, including the related forms. Documented the workflows in a design document for acceptance by AIM and integration into the production environment. Developed a workflow statistical model to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks in the new processes and for change management purposes Worked [...]

Revising Business Processes for the Public Health Agency of Canada


Developed an Intervention Framework to aid decision-making for $27 million annual investment in primary prevention interventions to change behaviour that will positively impact health. Documented 10 As-Is and To-Be business processes using Business Process Model Notation. Projects funded under this initiative focus on innovative, integrated approaches to promote healthy living, prevent chronic disease and [...]

NAV Canada Aeronautical Information Management


Identified five overarching As-Is processes documented in 13 BPMN compliant process maps with over 400 activities. Created a simulation model for resource levelling and to quantify expected improvements. Led to a larger project to implement process and technology changes within AIM. "Bronson successfully collaborated with the AIM project team to set [...]