Project Description


  • Developed a 3- to 5- year roadmap with 17 activities to mature YOW data management to a level aligned with industry trends.
  • Made recommendations to make specific data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and re-useable) to authorized users.

“Bronson was engaged in understanding the data sources and capabilities at YOW to provide a basis for data management¬†recommendations.”¬†

Project Description

Ottawa/MacDonald-Cartier International Airport Authority (YOW) was at a turning point in its use of data. Staff recognized that it had been collecting data for years, that many operational systems were generating data and that the volume of data collected would continue to grow. Some of the data was used for reporting, but difficult to access and quality was inconsistent. Staff also recognized that the data could be leveraged for better decision making.

Business Challenge

To develop a data management strategy to leverage frictionless access to data across the organization for evidence-based decision making by managers and executives.

Our Solution and Outcome

Bronson interviewed the CEO and representatives from each of the YOW business units to understand the respective roles, data sources, challenges and opportunities in using data, and the capabilities for using data. Bronson also interviewed representatives from four similar sized Canadian airports for benchmarking purposes. Based on the results, Bronson assessed YOW using a Digital Asset Maturity Model that considered people, information, systems and processes and identified gaps in those areas.

Based on comparison with it peers, Bronson recommended that YOW make targeted investments on a 3- to 5- year roadmap to agree on business requirements and establish key competencies, develop data use cases, implement systems to improve data management and implement frameworks to govern data.