Project Description


  • LMIC was created in April 2017 and is an independent non-profit organization with a mandate to provide Canadians with timely, reliable and relevant labour market information.
  • Organizational Review included conducting 25 separate consultations with key stakeholders including all members of LMIC’s Board of Directors, select LMIC staff and representatives of the National Stakeholders Advisory Group.
  • Consultation Framework developed to guide the approach to consultation and to ensure consistency and to enable the collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative information and feedback.
  • Detailed Report developed alongside Executive Summary Report. The Executive Summary Report was developed to meet the needs of the senior management audience of the Board of Directors.

“Bronson worked closely with the LMIC to conduct an Organizational Review with key stakeholders that was condensed into an Executive Summary presented to the Board of Directors.”

Project Description

Bronson completed an Organizational Review of LMIC to assess whether the organization was meeting its objectives and goals, to determine if it was using its resources efficiently and to identify its strengths and opportunities for improvement. The Review included research, document review, development of a consultation framework and consultation guides, extensive consultation,  development and implementation of an on-line survey and quantitative and qualitative analysis of data. Bronson presented an assessment of LMIC’s strengths and accomplishments, the factors limiting its success and progress and recommended next steps for LMIC to fulfill its objectives and goals through a detailed report, an executive summary report and a formal presentation of observations and recommendations to a senior governance committee.

Business Challenge

The Labour Market Information Council (LMIC) is an independent non-profit organization seeking to provide Canadians with timely, reliable and relevant labour market information LMIC was created in April 2017. In LMIC’s initial three-year Strategic Plan, a commitment was made mid-way through the three-year period to undertake an independent review and assessment of LMIC achievements, progress and areas for improvement, as part of a broader commitment to ensuring value to Canadians.

Our Solution and Outcome

Bronson conducted a comprehensive review of LMIC including reviewing background documentation and analyzing available documented evidence of activities and plans, conducting extensive tailored one-on-one consultation with LMIC stakeholders and staff, conducting on-line consultation with LMIC stakeholders and staff and extensive analysis of qualitative and quantitative data collected through consultations. The results of the Organizational Review were captured in a detailed report. The Report was also condensed into a more strategic Executive Summary Report highlighting LMIC strengths and shortcomings alongside actionable  recommendations that focussed on strategic and governance considerations. The Executive Summary was formally presented to a senior governing body to obtain feedback and input prior to being presented to the LMIC Board of Directors. Feedback from the senior governing body was well-received and considered appropriate for briefing to the Board of Directors. Completion of this Organizational Review also satisfied the commitment made in LMIC’s first three-year Strategic Plan.