Project Description


  • ETL pipeline in Tableau Prep.
  • Finely tuned to suit CRTC short and long-term needs.
  • Proof-of-concept for automating ETL with larger datasets.

“For the CRTC, Bronson’s efforts included aligning measurement unit data discrepancies using a matrix to present all relevant data in a single dataset.”

Project Description

Bronson used Tableau Prep to develop an ETL pipeline to transform normalized quarterly survey data into a Tableau-ready format for CRTC analysts.

Business Challenge

Anticipating the needs of CRTC analysts and designing an ETL pipeline that is scalable and adaptable. Each year of CRTC survey data were spread across several tables which, when combined, was not well suited to analysis in Tableau. Moreover, changes in reporting categories and units of measurement meant that the data required further processing to reconcile the discrepancies.

Our Solution and Outcome

We created a matrix which contained all necessary information to join all relevant data into one dataset, while omitting undesired or superfluous records and fields. Unit conversions and handling certain data anomalies were hard-coded into the workflow. Custom classifications were developed by Bronson to best group and display the survey data in a Tableau environment. A Tableau dashboard was then constructed with the output in order to demonstrate the result of the ETL process.