Fortune recently published an article about the innovation possibilities of AI that were discussed at a Fortune roundtable discussion called “Leading with AI”. Much of the discussion was based on a recent survey of executives from Accenture that showed that “companies who invested in this area were much more likely to experience higher revenue and share prices”. Many of the C-suite executives in the roundtable emphasized how AI allows them to go beyond just time-saving efficiency and allows them to “predict and avoid issues that could negatively impact their customers”. For instance, VISA uses AI to flag fraudulent transactions, which prevents over $26 billion in losses annually. also hopes to implement AI into its business practices to give customers the experience of “interacting” with a traditional travel agent. Or, using AI to automatically solve all of the issues that would come after a flight being cancelled such as hotel accommodations, rental car, etc.

AI can also be used in the legal industry to scan over thousands of documents and monitor client news to determine the potential of public sentiments or perception.

The general sentiment is that AI investments are not going to slow down as the potential and growth factor is “unstoppable”.


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