VentureBeat recently published an article that discusses how AI can potentially be more effective than humans for business use cases. As we know, the use of AI in business organizations can help to cover monotonous, timely, and boring tasks and can free up time for employees to use their time and skills elsewhere.

A recent report from voice software company Red Box outlines a survey of business leaders in the UK and US to “learn how they used iterations of conversational AI, which comprises automated messaging and speech-enabled applications that personalize interactions with humans” such as Apple’s ‘Siri’ and Amazon’s ‘Alexa’. The report from Red Box suggests that 47% of the participants believe AI will soon be able to listen better than humans in the coming years.

VentureBeat suggests that companies use AI-driven tools to optimize their customer support departments and to help to scale productivity. Many businesses use AI in contact centres to offer agent assistance in real-time and to provide users with instant support.

The Red Box report found that both UK and US business leaders “identify fraud detection and risk management as their major use cases of AI” – 33% and 29% respectively. With this in mind, it is critical to note that conversational AI (like ‘Siri’ and ‘Alexa’) are largely used in organizations “founded on legacy systems” such as finance and healthcare. Thus, those using outdated legacy systems may be more susceptible to threats in this realm. To try to address such issues, many companies are using AI to increase internal security by detecting fraud by analyzing transactions or using machine learning to assess large amounts of data that generate prediction models for risk managers.

AI technology continues to face setbacks, mainly in its inability to “completely grasp the nuances of human communication” and the complexities of the potentially underlying emotion, sentiment, and jargon in conversation. Organizations should model their AI solutions on customers’ cognitive state to build a more comprehensive and accurate voice experience for consumers.

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