Policy Development

Seeking Authorities for Contaminated Site Projects in Canada’s North


Since 2011, Bronson has been supporting CIRNA’s NCSP with the drafting of program, project and expenditure authority documentation related to contaminated sites in Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, for which the Government of Canada is responsible. Northern contaminated sites tend to be large, complex and in remote locations, which make them unique and [...]

Program Management Support to CIRNA’s Northern Contaminated Sites Program


For over 10 years, Bronson has been providing operational program management support to NCSP related to policy and procedural development, performance management, and project risk assessment. Bronson’s support has helped NCSP effectively manage the challenges associated with the remediation of Canada’s most remote and northern contaminated sites. This support assists NCSP in managing these [...]

Supporting Polar Knowledge Canada’s Research Laboratories


Bronson is supporting POLAR by developing a series of guidance documents necessary to meet the environmental and health and safety requirements associated with the management of CHARS campus. This work has involved compiling up-to-date information on legislation, guidelines, and procedures related to laboratory health and safety and environmental requirements. The development of these procedures [...]