Chris DeMontmollin wrote a great article for the Alteryx Input blog about how organizations can improve their energy efficiency with AI. Energy produces many costs to organizations with “manufacturing facilities, complex supply chains, and numerous locations”. Using AI to uncover energy-wasting practices can be a great solution to this costly wastefulness.

Alteryx lays out how this is possible by suggesting that an organization can connect and compile energy usage data from different company areas and formats into a single stream to create a robust model. Then, you can “apply AI to uncover insights into where and why waste is happening” and enable energy-saving steps to be taken.

The post then demonstrates everyday industry examples of how AI can be applied to reduce energy costs. The first is simply using AI to analyze utility bills to identify times of peak load to then spread operations to off-peak hours. Another example is applying AI with energy forecasting and storage in grid management if working with with renewable energy. Next is transport management and the use of AI in “helping to consolidate transportation data from numerous sources and applying analytics that reveals inefficiency”. Lastly is supply chain efficiency, and using AI to predict inventory data, product shortages, price fluctuations, and scheduling.

Check out the full post on the Alteryx blog.