As a part of Canada’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has been crucial. These business are key contributors to the Canadian economy, particularly in smaller towns and regions as they generate local jobs and “are a source of pride for their communities”.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Seniors and Members of Parliament for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia announced an investment of $500,000 through the Jobs and Growth Fund for Global Spatial Technology Solutions Inc. (GSTS). The GSTS will be establishing five full-time positions to bring its AI platform, OCIANA to market. The AI platform collects and analyzes data from satellites and sensors, including information on “ocean, weather, vessel, port, and marine species activity” and transforms large quantities of related data into information. This information is then interpreted and used by the military, civil, and commercial sectors. Through this new initiative, the GSTS will install its first two systems at the ports of Halifax and New York to “digitally [connect] the two maritime cities”. OCIANA address the critical need for global trade in the maritimes and logistics sector, particularly given the impact of the pandemic and climate-based crises we have been experiencing over the last two years. OCIANA’s maritime decision-making tools are able to forecast fuel consumption, route optimization, marine mammal detection, and arrival times “up to 21 days in advance”.

The Jobs and Growth Fund was launched last July in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and provides $700 million over three years to support regional responses to the pandemic to stimulate economic recoveries.

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