Business Process Simulation and Reengineering

Development of “To-Be” Business Processes for NAV Canada Aeronautical Information Management


Facilitated the development of and configured 11 To-Be workflows for processing aeronautical data, including the related forms. Documented the workflows in a design document for acceptance by AIM and integration into the production environment. Developed a workflow statistical model to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks in the new processes and for change management purposes Worked [...]

Revising Business Processes for the Public Health Agency of Canada


Developed an Intervention Framework to aid decision-making for $27 million annual investment in primary prevention interventions to change behaviour that will positively impact health. Documented 10 As-Is and To-Be business processes using Business Process Model Notation. Projects funded under this initiative focus on innovative, integrated approaches to promote healthy living, prevent chronic disease and [...]

NAV Canada Aeronautical Information Management


Identified five overarching As-Is processes documented in 13 BPMN compliant process maps with over 400 activities. Created a simulation model for resource levelling and to quantify expected improvements. Led to a larger project to implement process and technology changes within AIM. "Bronson successfully collaborated with the AIM project team to set [...]

Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Fish Passage Restoration Initiative


Bronson developed a Program Charter to govern the CWF’s B.C. Fish Passage Restoration Initiative that met the requirements of two federal funding programs. Bronson coordinated quarterly reporting to funders on expenditures, activities and results. Bronson is mentoring CWF staff for future program reporting to funders and providing quality assurance prior to report submission. [...]

Process Simulation for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Takes Uncertainty out of Decision-Making


Initiative to boost innovation in Canada’s agricultural sector benefits from Bronson expertise in business process simulation. Modelling consequences of process changes before implementation greatly reduces risk and ensures business benefits. Bronson team able to identify cost and time savings under different scenarios. Process allows for better planning, fact-based resource allocations and early determination of [...]

Push to Document Indian Residential Schools Drives Creation of the Largest Digital Repository in Canadian History


Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, & Library and Archives Canada Over 10 million pages reviewed. Over 3.5 million records digitized (collected database of 5 million records). Project involved several teams working simultaneously at archive sites across Canada. Project involved all LAC national sites, including a large [...]