Evaluation and Assessments

Digital Readiness Assessment for Canadian Heritage


Digital Readiness Framework based on Government policies, specifically the Government of Canada Digital Standards. Representation across department and diverse job levels for consultation and survey. Report describes as-is state and identifies area for improvement. Next step is a detailed roadmap to improve and progress digital maturity. "Bronson assisted the Department of [...]

Data Analytics and Advisory Services for Natural Resources Canada’s Audit & Evaluation Branch


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Bronson’s training sessions were delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams. Each of these training sessions had an audience of 8-12 participants, and were designed to be interactive and encourage hands-on learning by participants. "Bronson was keen to work with NRCan's Audit & Evaluation Branch to modernize their data [...]

Retained by IESO for Compliance Audits


At its outset, the IESO CFF Programs were to have been delivered over a five-year period from 2015 through 2020. These programs were expected to generate 6.9 TWh of energy savings, with a total budget of $1.9 Billion. The audit scope included review LDC wind-down activity for 9 separate CFF Programs which targeted a [...]

Seeking Authorities for Contaminated Site Projects in Canada’s North


Since 2011, Bronson has been supporting CIRNA’s NCSP with the drafting of program, project and expenditure authority documentation related to contaminated sites in Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, for which the Government of Canada is responsible. Northern contaminated sites tend to be large, complex and in remote locations, which make them unique and [...]

Program Management Support to CIRNA’s Northern Contaminated Sites Program


For over 10 years, Bronson has been providing operational program management support to NCSP related to policy and procedural development, performance management, and project risk assessment. Bronson’s support has helped NCSP effectively manage the challenges associated with the remediation of Canada’s most remote and northern contaminated sites. This support assists NCSP in managing these [...]

Review of Know History


Bronson applied a customized approach to conducting an organizational review of Know History, a company specializing in historical services to assist in the research, presentation and documentation of Canada’s history. Company review required extensive document review and consultation to establish understanding of company processes, policies and systems. Final report offered observations on company strengths [...]

Support to the Chief Quality Officer at the Translation Bureau


Bronson called on to work closely with the newly named Chief Quality Officer of Translation Bureau, the first of its kind in the Government of Canada. Development of a two-year Quality Enhancement Action Plan that can be monitored and reported against to demonstrate impact on quality of services provided by Translation Bureau and also [...]

Organizational Review for the Labour Market Information Council


LMIC was created in April 2017 and is an independent non-profit organization with a mandate to provide Canadians with timely, reliable and relevant labour market information. Organizational Review included conducting 25 separate consultations with key stakeholders including all members of LMIC’s Board of Directors, select LMIC staff and representatives of the National Stakeholders Advisory [...]