Project Description

Quick Facts

  • Bronson expertise called on to provide project and program management support for Northern Contaminated Sites Program (NCSP)
  • NCSP is a high-profile program to assess, remediate and manage former mining and military sites in Canada’s north
  • Bronson team developed unique solutions to help overcome challenges posed by large, remote and complex sites

Project Overview

Since 2007, through a variety of standing offer agreements, Bronson Consulting has been providing program and project support to INAC’s Northern Contaminated Sites Program. As well as contributing subject matter expertise in contaminated sites management, Bronson has developed frameworks, policies, procedures and training programs, performed risk assessments and participated in quality management activities.



The Northern Contaminated Sites Program is responsible for a number of contaminated sites in Canada’s north where mining, oil and gas, and military activities occurred on Crown land years ago when far fewer environmental controls were in place. These sites became the responsibility of INAC (representing the Government of Canada) when their operators abandoned them.  Among these sites are some of the largest and most complex contaminated sites in the country, including the Faro mine, a 2500-hectares abandoned open-pit lead, silver and zinc mine in Yukon and the Giant mine, an 849-hectare former gold mine in the Northwest Territories. Bronson has been instrumental in providing project and program management support to assist INAC in meeting the regulatory, technical, environmental, and health and safety requirements associated with these sites.



The following are examples of the type of support that Bronson has provided to the NCSP:

  • Performing Project Complexity and Risk Assessments for numerous NCSP projects,
  • Developing Treasury Board Submissions to seek approvals for several projects,
  • Developing an Internal Management Control Framework for the Program,
  • Developing a lessons learned framework and process for the Program,
  • Leading and participating in quality reviews (e.g. stage gate reviews, detailed work plan reviews) for major projects and other projects,
  • Updating and revising the NCSP Corporate Procedures, EHS Management System Manual, and Performance Measurement Strategy,
  • Preparing a Phase Work Plan for the Giant Mine Remediation Project and a Closure Report for the Colomac Mine Remediation Project, and
  • Developing detailed training programs for NCSP Corporate Procedures and for the Giant Mine Remediation Project.


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